The Magic of the Swiss Army Knife

Ever seen a Swiss Army Knife?  It has a bizarre variety of tools.  However, if you are like most people, you have only used the knife because that’s what you are familiar and comfortable with.  Prior to the massive shifts in the economy Swiss Army Knifewe ran our business much like we use the Swiss Army Knife–we use the tools we are most familiar and comfortable with.

In today’s economy we are beginning to discover and use tools in our business that we are not too familiar with but know they are there.  It is like magically discovering the use for some of those interesting components on the Swiss Army Knife.   Be innovative, be creative, and be inventive.  Utilize a different tool, try an unfamiliar approach, or discover effective new approaches.  Now is the time to discover the tools we have had at our disposal, but never chose to use them before.  Who knows, you may even realize that there is a lot more magic to that Swiss Army Knife than simply the knife.

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